Art Commissions

 Hello :)

My art isn't the best ever but if you'd like something cute and cheap you're at the right place.

I offer lots of different kinds of commissions!


One Trainer + one Pokemon. Sketched, then coloured like you see above digitally.
Base price is $7, however if you want a really complicated Pokemon like Groudon or something it will push the price up.
Ask for added characters etc!

Pokedoll Style

Cute Pokemon of your choice in a Pokedoll tag style! 
These take a long time to ink and colour but I love doing them~
Full inked and colour one like Flygon above will be $8
If you'd just like a sketch it'll be $2.

Sprite Sheets
These sheet are perfect for showing off your favourite Pokemon that you collect! 
Each sheet is only $2 and everything is customisable!

If there's anything else I can do for you please ask me! I do love to draw Pokemon in a non chibi style but I don't have any examples. I also love to draw Gijinka! 


Simple Chibi Character
Nothing with a lot of detail (see below for more detailed chibi's)!
$4 each, +$2 per character.

More detailed Chibi's! With simple colouring (left), or just a sketch (right). $5 each + $4 extra character
If you would like your chibi coloured more detailed-fully like this (lineart not by me) it will be $12.

Detailed Full Body's are so much fun to draw! (Sorry about the Ecchi ^^')
These are $8 each! We'll talk about extra characters/backgrounds etc.

This is an example of a drawing I have done and coloured in photoshop.
If you want one of these we'll have to work something out because they seriously take me ages and so much effort goes into them~

1. Rapidash - bladespark 


That's everything for now, thank you for looking!